Thursday, December 12, 2019

IIT Hyderabad Sees Surge In International Offers During Phase 1 Of Placements

Hyderabad seen a spike in students becoming put overseas as they procured 38 international offers during stage 1 of placements for its 2019-20 academic year. The students secured a total of 271 offers from 96 businesses at the conclusion of stage 1 of campus placements alone. Including the 37 Pre-Placement Offers (PPO), that would be the outcomes of student internships, according to a statement in the Institute.
Stage 1 of placements has been conducted between December 1 and 12 with stage 2 scheduled to start during January 2020.

Discussing About placements, Dr. Pradeep Yemula, Faculty In-Charge (Placements), IIT Hyderabad, stated,"There's a considerable growth in international offers this season compared to previous year. For the present positioning year 2019-20, we've obtained 38 international offers (according to December 12, 2019) by 15 businesses across 3 states (i.e. USA, Japan and Taiwan), compared to past positioning year (2018-19), when we'd obtained 22 international offers from 8 businesses across two nations (Japan and Taiwan)."

A total of 483 students enrolled for From the present positioning year 2019-20, for circuit branches, the Institute has spanned over 80 percent of positioning during stage 1.

Adding the Approved Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs), a total of 251 (single offers) students have been put at the conclusion of stage 1 placements for 2019-20 year. This contrasts favourably with the previous academic year (2018-19) if the Institute had 239 (single offers) students (such as 19 PPOs), '' the announcement said.

Further, Dr. Yemula stated,"This season in stage 1 we surpassed our Previous year Listing of stages 2 and 1. Further, we now had a spike in international Offers, with 15 percent of placed students procuring offers overseas. Past The international study and Academic collaborations of all IITH are generating opportunities for our students."


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