Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sleeping Too Much? Over 9 Hours' Of Sleep May Raise Stroke Risk By 23%, Says Study

People who sleep Two or Three hours Each night are 23 Percent more The results demonstrated that extended naps are also not great for your health.

Midday nap lasting over 90 minutes were 25 percent more likely to later have a stroke compared to people who obtained a normal nap lasting from one to 30 minutes,'' said the research published online in Neurology, the clinical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.
People that Took no fractures or required naps lasting from 31 minutes to a hour were no more inclined to have a stroke compared to people who took naps lasting from one to thirty minutes.

"More study is Required to know how taking long naps and

"Additionally, long napping and Sleeping may indicate a general inactive way of life, which can be associated with greater risk of stroke," Zhang explained.

The analysis The people didn't have any history of stroke or other significant health issues at the onset of the analysis.

They have been followed for a mean of six years. Throughout this time, there were 1,557 stroke instances.

People that Were equally long nappers and long sleepers were 85 percent more likely to later have a stroke compared to people who had been moderate sleepers and nappers, stated the analysis.

Moderate napping and sleeping length and keeping good sleep quality, particularly in middle-age and elderly adults," Zhang explained.


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