Friday, March 20, 2020

Attendance to be stopped in power utilities of Telangana

The four power utilities of Telangana Have Opted to open control Channels at circle and zonal amounts to channelise their funds also to minimise the reaction time to restore supply and to attend to crises.

A high-level Assembly of their power utilities chaired by Chairman and Managing Director of TS-Genco and also TS-Transco D. Prabhakar Rao was held on Friday to discuss and review their own willingness to guarantee 24×7 power distribution to all types of customers during the rising spread of coronavirus instances. Many senior executives of their power utilities, such as CMDs of southern and southern discoms G. Raghuma Reddy and A. Gopal Rao, respectively, also attended the meeting.

It's to Start with Been determined to stop presence because one of the resources for the spread of coronavirus at offices of these utilities is proven to function as contact. The presence would be enrolled in the method of registering up a register meant until further orders for its purpose. Scanners could be made accessible at all offices that were major.

Considering that another few months Are thought to be vital to include the spread of coronavirus, maintain them accessible at all district shops and the maintenance and operations department was advised to secure all of the material and arranges. It's been decided to maintain wireless places and all communication stations at significant power plants along with sub-stations.

It Has been determined to limit people to utilities' workplaces and also to encourage customers to use complaint mechanism. Washing machine facilities and sanitisers are organized in all points and all workers are advised to use masks.

Here, canteen will be retained Closed from all and March 23 workers are advised not and to keep restraint to forward or post any information about coronavirus to prevent spread of misinformation.

To minimise the Vulnerability of its employees to the prospect of contracting virus has decided to postpone all new and overburdened capital works in most hydro-electric and renewable power plants and take them. All stations are instructed to start control rooms led by the Chief Engineers to look after all crises.

Mr. Prabhakar Rao said that the power utilities were geared up to guarantee source of 24×7 power to all types of customers. He promised that supply could be preserved during the State with all steps to make sure that the virus is not contracted by the utilities' employees.



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