Friday, March 20, 2020

Railway intensifies disinfection, health screening of passengers

The State Government Health Department, combined with Railway Health Department, has begun screening passengers entering Madurai railroad intersection.

Apart from taking disinfecting exercise up On trainers and the railroad platforms of trains, those entering the railroad stations are requested to clean their hands.

A health Official stated that officer from State Health Department, together with staff in the Railway Health Department, has put up help desk of the railroad junction on Western and Eastern entrance .

Though a centre has been provided for Hand washing beyond the railway stage those input the premises are given hand sanitiser.

The passengers are screened with. thermal scanners. The passengers' traveling history is requested and anybody who'd travelled overseas in the years are requested to avoid traveling. They are asked if they had some contact with foreigners or people who had returned from some other nations, the official added.

The railroad health department has Increased the frequency of disinfecting the railroad premises. The touch areas like seats, furniture, hand railings, lift buttons and charging things are taken attention besides cleaning the floor with disinfectant.

"This job is taken up around the clock. All The employees on the railroad assumptions such as health workers, railroad booking clerks ticket examiners and officials are granted masks. Even in the railroad offices, sanitiser bottles are retained out the offices," an official said.

The mechanical Section of Southern Railway has taken up cleanup of railroad coaches. "Many 300 coaches have been washed daily. Disinfectant are being coated inside all trainers," the official added.

Blankets weren't issued to AC coaches' passengers and drapes are eliminated to decrease disease.

State and trains and passenger trains are cancelled due to occupancy, all summer.

As Part of creating posters, consciousness of COVID-19 and leaflets on measures are being dispersed to the passengers in railroad stations that were significant.


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