Monday, September 20, 2021

Vodafone Idea claims a peak speed of 3.7Gbps for its new mmWave5G trial


Vodafone Idea (Vi), claimed that it had reached a peak 5G data rate of 3.7Gbps using the mmWave spectrum bands in a recent test in Pune, Maharashtra. Peak download speeds up to 1.5Gbps were achieved in Pune and Gandhinagar's 3.5Ghz 5G trial network.

Vodafone Idea's announcement comes less than one month after Airtel made public its success in cloud gaming sessions using a smartphone running Asphalt 9: Legends. The game streamers Naman Mathur (better known as Mortal’) and Salman Ahmad (better known as ‘Mamba’ were involved in the test.

Vi announced that it had deployed its 5G trial in Pune city. The company also stated that Vi was allocated 26 GHz spectrum by the DoT and the traditional 3.5GHz spectrum band for trials of 5G network networks.

"We are happy with the speed of 5G trials using the Govt-allocated 5G spectrum bands. We have established a strong 4G network across India that delivers the fastest 4G speeds and has a ready network for 5G. Now, Jagbir Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Idea Limited, said that we are testing NextGen 5G technology to deliver a true digital experience for Indian consumers and enterprises.

Vi, one of three Indian telcos majors, will compete against Airtel and Reliance Jio for India's first 5G stable network.


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