Monday, September 20, 2021

Widevine DRM: What is it and what version does my phone support?


You've probably heard of Widevine certifications. We'll be discussing DRM, what Widevine certifications mean, and how to find out which Widevine number your phone supports.

What's DRM?

Digital Rights Management, also known as DRM, is a service that streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ use to prevent their content being copied or distributed without a license. Widevine is used on the internet and Android. Fairplay is used on Safari and Apple devices. Today we'll be discussing Widevine DRM certifications. PlayReady is also available and is used by many set top boxes and Windows.

Widevine DRM

Many streaming platforms, including Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and Prime Video, use Widevine DRM, such as Hulu, Hulu Plus, Hulu, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Hulu, Hulu, Hulu, Hulu, Hulu, Hulu, Hulu, Hulu and Sling. There are three levels of security for Widevine DRM: Widevine, Widevine, and Widevine.

Widevine: This certification is the most basic, and consists entirely of software-based DRM. Widevine L3 devices will play the content at 480p. L3 means that there is no Trusted Execution Environment for DRM encryption (TEE).

Widevine: This is the second level of Widevine L2. It includes either separate video hardware or software-based video processing. Widevine L2 devices will often produce a higher resolution output than Widevine L3, but at a lower quality.

Widevine: In devices that support L1, Widevine L1 protects the highest level of DRM. Video encryption and processing takes place entirely in the Trusted Execution Environment. Widevine L1 devices can play video at the highest resolution.

Which Widevine version is your phone compatible with?

You can find out which version of Widevine DRM your phone supports to determine if your streaming is at its best. You should also know that sometimes your Widevine certification can be dropped to L1 due to poor software updates and third-party custom firmware. It is important to learn how to determine your phone's certification in these situations.

You can check the certification of your Android device with many apps that allow you to see inside your device's hardware.

The DevCheck app is one such tool. It is available as a free download from the Google Google Play Store. After the app is installed, users can open it, grant it the necessary permissions and then go to the "System" section of the app. Users will find their security level under the "Widevine" subsection. The image is shown above.


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